European Youth Entrepreneurship Conference 2014 – Pt2

This blog post is by Douglas Bell, Founder of Hideout. Douglas is also the entrepreneur in residence at Launch Pad Labs. The purpose of The European Youth Entrepreneurship Conference (#EYEC2014) was to bring young entrepreneurs from across Europe together to mix with investors and political powers. Our host city was Athens; – Greece is, of course under intense pressure […]

European Youth Entrepreneurship Conference 2014 – Pt1

guest post by Alex Mitchell Earlier this summer Young Brits led a small delegation of young entrepreneurs and individuals within the youth enterprise space to Athens, Greece for the European Youth Entrepreneurship Conference. This is a new initiative created by the European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs to help young entrepreneurs from all around the Europe […]

Guest post from Nathaniel Peat

As the countdown begins for the 1st European Youth Entrepreneurship Summit everyone is arriving in the wonderful city of Athens. This event will mark the beginning of great conversations that will lead to greater success for the future of our collective innovation, creativity and ability as a group of business people. Entrepreneurship is the backbone […]

A stronger Entrepreneurship Partnership between Europe and Africa

guest post by Kojo Oppong-Nkrumah Historically, the trade relationship between Europe and Africa has been a lopsided one in which Europe sourced raw materials from Africa, to feed its giant factories that served the world. Africa consequently became a raw material producing continent with little more to offer. This kept African economies at an extractive […]

Creating a European environment in which start-ups can flourish

guest post by Jan Versteeg, Ambassador at Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Greece On 26-28 June Athens will welcome a large number of international speakers for the 1st European Young Entrepreneurship conference. One of the prominent people that made a strong plea to organise this event in Athens, is EU Commissioner Neelie […]

Guest post by Glynn Pegler

“Culture” is simply a shared way of doing something with passion’ – that’s a great foundation concept from which we can all look to build from. Europe has an unparalleled position as a mix of cultures united together by common legislation and this gives us a unique perspective to take advantage of free movement within […]

Global hardware startups

guest post by Maxim Lobovsky For many years, tech entrepreneurs have recognized that building a modern software company often requires thinking and expanding globally from a very early stage. Companies like Twitter, Groupon, and Uber have all expanded into markets outside their home within a few short years of their birth. It’s well understood that […]