Guest post from Nathaniel Peat

As the countdown begins for the 1st European Youth Entrepreneurship Summit everyone is arriving in the wonderful city of Athens. This event will mark the beginning of great conversations that will lead to greater success for the future of our collective innovation, creativity and ability as a group of business people. Entrepreneurship is the backbone of the modern economy and youth is one of the best ways to drive it forward, that’s why conferences like these are so important to lay the blueprint foundations for the path to follow.

The long list of inspirational business leaders that will be speaking here will most certainly invigorate and motivate all delegates to get up and move. The opportunity for networking is ripe, and the atmosphere is ready to expand business networks and forge new global connections, we are not only limited to Europe, as friends from the USA, Ghana, Brazil, Australia and Egypt will be speaking. There is a lot to learn and it’s just about opening your ears and listening. Absorb everything, and then let your brain make connections for you. Your brain is designed to make connections that you could not possibly imagine. So for all those budding young entrepreneurs out there and delegates get your goals out of your imagination and put them on to a piece of paper.

Initiate a constructive movement towards your future and use the conference to the best your ability, to grow, to develop, to share and to in act. By writing your goal down, it then becomes a statement of intent. The process of writing down your goal forces the subconscious to accept the commitment you have made to work towards your target. 

The future of our world is moving from the traditional life-long job and I predict in the next few years people will begin to shift towards finding multiple streams of income, we can no longer depend on the ‘system’ to provide our work, instead we need to build it for ourselves. As salaries freeze and the cost of living increases we desperately need to awaken the creative potential within ourselves and move forward.

Conferences such as these are fantastic to build, grow and create ideas to tackle these future and current problems. Whatever you do, do not leave here without a business card, make sure that the person you meet remembers your name, have your note book next to you each time you speak to someone and ensure you follow-up.

Take this opportunity, it will never happen this way ever again, remember opportunities are never lost they are only given to others! So take the opportunity and make it your own. The only limit is yourself.

Enjoy the experience!

Nathaniel Peat – Co-founder Gennex, Founder The Safety Box